About Us:
Collection and Design Center
With over 70 predefined cap styles, in collaboration with our in-house Design Center, we will support you in developing a high quality finished product that will be tailored to your needs. The experienced CapKingdom team will guide you through a trouble-free process aimed at costing you the least amount of time and energy. We believe that within today’s world, there is no need to compromise on even the slightest detail. That is why at CapKingdom we are dedicated to creating unique and identifiable products that will be worn over and over again.
Quality Standards
There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all quality standard in manufacturing headwear items. The quality can very greatly based on materials being used, quality of the workship, style of the product and decorative machinery. For our customers we have developed three quality standards in order to support your budget, style and various requirement needs.
Basic-when only the price matters-$
Deluxe-standard materials with excellent workship-$$
Pro- the best available (retail quality)-$$$
Far East
CapKingdom is a western company that is 100% ran from the Far East. This allows quick response and efficient quality control during the production process. CapKingdom works only the exclusively with the best distributors in the market. Our headwear consultants join forces with our distributors to create the finest products available in the market today.
We appreciate your interest in our company and enthusiastically look forward to working with you.

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